Fan-binding press

 A quick video demonstration of "fan-binding" the pages of a paperback book.

There are lovely commercial fan-binding presses available, but they can cost up to $500USD, so I thought I'd try making my own, and this is the result. It holds the pages low, so they can be fanned back and forth while gluing. This is meant to produce a stronger bond at the spine.

I want the spine to be tight, though, so I made a second binding press to fit on top of the fan-binding press—and I'm glad I did, because the fan-glued pages needed something to hold them together once they'd been moistened and weighed down with glue.

This method should make absolutely sure pages won't fall out of your books!

Note: I didn't show how to attach a cover in this video. You can do this using the same method I showed in Episode 17.