Father's Day

comic: Father's Day in the back yard

comic: feeling the loves for Dad


Facebook account deactivation


There are so many people I love on Facebook, but the thing really is a drug: You don't mean to use it, or to use it to excess, but it's right there to binge on, and everyone thinks it's no big deal. Plus willpower is, I believe, largely an illusion and mostly the result of ingrained habit.

So I've removed the possibility of habituated, mindless social media use by leaving Facebook and Twitter.

My reasoning was that I want more time for making things, but it's tough to muster the energy, overcome the fear, and find the time to do creative work after attending to everything else.

That said, life is pretty sweet these days. On my visits to Charlottetown last summer I kept thinking, "I wish I could just stay here." And now here I am.

Every time I walk down a tree-lined street, spend time with my family, walk by a location from my past, or venture into nature... it's nice.

"Nice" gets a bad rap, like life is supposed to be -- I dunno, gritty, dangerous, on-the-edge, but I really like nice.

You Just Have to Laugh

comic: walking with Doug in the forest comic text: freezing in the field

comic: talking to Nathan

comic: what's the problem?

comic: I like things just so

comic: fixing our relationship

P.S. Mister Chicken had major reconstructive surgery, and has been sent back into the field. Mister Chicken


comic: were-doug

comic: euthanisia

P.S. Fear not: I have more uplifting follow-up material to doodle tomorrow.