Cloning George Washington

Happy Valentine’s!

loved-up squirrel

Stuff I Don’t Have to Do

I’m trying to figure out a new time management game to play — something to justify why I keep track of my working time, and to reward me for the progress I make.

At a loss for any better unifying theme, I remembered Disney’s old Sword and the Stone movie, which I loved as a kid — I think I had a book about it — though the movie looks pretty sketchily drawn and Sixties-loopy now. So I thought that might be one way to go, the pieces evolving through different critters up to a final challenge.

game board game pieces

I dunno. Like my comic book story, sometimes it’s hard to get traction on things that I’m doing just for myself.

I have roughed and inked several pages for the comic, though. I’m feeling very iffy about it, but I suppose that’s natural when doing something completely new and different, drawing on skills that... well, that I haven’t developed yet.

comic book preview

So I’m glad that Dan, the team, and I are working on a new book. That’s solid ground, and helps re-motivate my other projects, too: “Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted to explore.”

Dragon My Butt

Hello. I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m still adjusting to changing computers, switching things over to new programs and such.

So, yes, the website’s going to be changing as I move to a new design program.

In the meantime, here’s a dragon:

dragon cartoon