Fox in Sun

We had a little visitor in the back yard the other day.

fox in our yard


Ah, the biggest challenge of blogging: keeping at it! Some time has gone by, events have piled up, and now the question is whether to let them slide away or try to capture them here.

So this doesn't become a beaver-dam, I'll do a quick recap of some highlights:

I went to Toronto for Strategic Coach's end-of-fiscal-year team meeting, and that was pretty fun. The company did well, we got bonuses (I generously gave half of mine to Revenue Canada), and we did some fun team activities, including an afternoon running around the Royal Ontario Museum in teams collecting clues to solve a conundrum.

I managed to see some friends, but missed others. I do hate that dynamic -- the King Solomon time management decisions an inevitable omissions.

One fun highlight, though, was spending an afternoon playing games at Snakes and Lattes with my friend Margaux and my nephew Andrew.

Margaux and Andrew

They indulged me and played a game of my storytelling role-playing game. Here are the characters they made up, which I doodled for them:

RPG characters

I also caught up with my old pal Beale, who parked that bike across the street from the cafe where we met, so I kept seeing it every time I looked out the window.

the bike that broke me

I'm happy to hear it's serving him well, though.

So that was that, and I flew away...

TO from the air

It's nice to be back here, spending time with the family and feathering the nest with Craig.

I'm deep into another book with work and loving it, but feeling guilty because Craig's in a miserable limbo as he waits to hear about his work prospects.

Comics Club continues to be a real treat during my week. Last week we did an "Exquisite Corpse"-type exercise; I drew something completely random and crazy , and it was fun! It made me realize that I never draw just for fun anymore: everything has to turn out, because it begins its life with a purpose already in mind.

I so want to create work of my own to share with the world, but concerning myself with a purpose up-front kind of twists the whole exercise out of shape. As Oscar Wilde said, "Art is useless."

So that's something I'm thinking about. Meanwhile, though, I've got work to go and do!


You can't really see it, but I heard scratching this morning and found a wee mouse peeking out of our humane trap.

mouse in a box

We drove to Victoria Park and found a nice spot near a park building. I piled up some food, and Craig made a little nest of a toilet roll and leaves, then we let the mouse out. Unfortunately, it all happened so fast that I couldn't get a picture: its little face poking out of the trap, black eyes bulging with fear, then it dashed away under the building.

Goodbye, friend :(

What is it about interacting with animals, eh? We often want more than they do -- some kind of relationship or reciprocation, whereas they're busy being scared or just surviving -- but I just feel such love and care for them, and I believe that's everyone's native response until it's stifled or forgotten.

Rubbish Travel-Friend

If you're one of my beloved Toronto friends and are reading this, let me just apologize now for hiding out in my hotel room instead of having called you.

I'm just in town for six days, and, unlike my socially gracious husband, I quickly burn out from running around trying to catch up with everybody I should. Even though I really do love my friends here a lot.

So, instead, I'm having gins-and-tonic (since some of the friends I did see on the weekend left a bottle here in my hotel room) and trying to finish some work, because this week will mostly be taken up with team meetings.


So, yes, I apologize for being a weird introvert-person who needs to recharge often.

It's not that it wasn't great to see my teammates at work today, because they're a wonderful bunch. And it was a profound check-in to be back in the office, when the last time I was there I had my hands bound up like a T-rex.