Workshop Notes

comix: workshop notes (Photo by Ben Stellino)

I sat in on a Strategic Coach workshop today and took notes in comix form.

I love working with a company that deals in thinking, and it's always exciting to hear how the entrepreneurs in the room are applying this work, and how much more fun and fulfilled their lives are for it.

It's Okay to Be a Little Dumb

comic: attending Coach recording

comix: missing Doug

comic: hanging out with Margaux

comic: I'm a bit dumb sometimes


comic: saying goodbye to Doug

And these text messages from Craig tonight:

[IMAGES REDACTED] It occurred to me after the fact that Craig would probably not like me posting his text messages to me here. The gist of them was that Doug was upset and listless yesterday, and kept sniffing around and looking for me.

It feels so wrong to be away from my little buddy. I know we have to integrate him into our real lives, but this hurts!

Me and Doug


comic: bad eating habits