PC Go Bye-Bye

Well, this is exciting: Last night I went to Comics Club, and there I tried to turn on my PC.

It wouldn’t turn on.

Okay, I’d just hold down the power key; I’ve had start-up trouble like that with PCs before.


I went home, plugged it in, and it still wouldn’t start. So I went around the shops to see if I could buy a replacement — a Surface Pro, perhaps? But both the computer shops in town were out of the pens. So I went home and gave it some thought.

That thinking led me to dash out this morning and buy an iPad Pro. I’d been contemplating it and convinced myself I didn’t need to make the change. Fate had other plans.

I’m glad. While it’s a pain to have to reconfigure a new device, I kept having to do that every couple of months with the PC anyway, because they just seem to get jammed-up over time (part of which is my fault, I’m sure, because I just can’t leave them alone, and am always trying out new software, betas, removing things, and so on).

Already, though, it’s delicious using this machine: the apps are all so much nicer-looking, and they just work, whereas on the PC I felt like I was always fighting to get the machine to do the most basic things (such as synchronize my calendar — like, seriously, how is that a problem in 2018?).

Even better: Our head of Tech and my team leader have said they’ll reimburse me for it, plus send me an old Mac Mini as my full computer (because apps can only do so much).

It’s fun working with a really successful company: they never begrudge us the tools we need to do the work (which makes me feel like they appreciate the work, too).


Back to reinstalling all my brushes in Clip Studio Paint. (I can’t believe this program is available on the iPad, but now I’ve used it, and... yup, it’s the whole thing!)

P.S. Hours and hours later, I’m all set up and ready to create stuff.

New Year's Day Planner

Ahh, Monday morning. I actually like Mondays, because I like having time on my own where I can organize myself and create things.

This is the first proper week of the new year -- or so it feels like -- and over the weekend I made a new "book of days" (I'm calling it). Last year, I did a little tear-off planning page for every work day, and then I had a paper calendar, but this year it made sense to incorporate those so that I don't miss appointments or double-book myself.

I also wanted to do this just as a creative project, because I've not made a book in a while. I saw one of my old planners on the shelf and liked how it looked with all its tabs and colours, and wanted to do that again. This was the biggest book I've ever assembled, I think, and I didn't make a single mistake in sewing the signatures (groups of pages) together -- a first!

day planner 1

day planner 2

So here it is, Monday morning, and it's time to use my planner. I've had breakfast, altered the dog's wee winter jacket so it won't cover his willy (since peeing is kind of the point of going for walks), walked him, made a coffee.... Now it's time to slowly, gently approach the tasks I want to get done today.

Be Back Soon

Doug snoozing

Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Today I'm grateful for this home, and all the family stuff that it's the setting for. (Like my nephew visiting at the moment.)


I had a work-call early this morning. (Couldn't find my tablet's pen, so I had to draw crudely with a mouse as my boss described what he had in mind -- most awkward!)

Afterward, Doug and I went for a walk through a perfect just-before-Christmas neighbourhood scene.

Trafalgar park

Of course, my lousy photography makes the lovely park look like a crime scene, but don't let that put you off.

And Doug isn't exactly glad to have his picture taken, either.

Doug with a snowy nose