Doug's First Birthday

Doug birthday cartoon

Plus, aside from all this "Me, me, me, what about my freedom?" blather, what about Doug? We're his fourth home, and, despite his shenanigans, he's clearly happy in his life with us. Sending him away again would be unthinkable. We don't know the details, but I suspect this has been a long year for him.

It brings me back, as all things ultimately do, to Anne of Green Gables:

MARILLA: She's no good for us. She has to go straight back where she came from.

MATTHEW: Well, we might be of some good to her.

Mister Duck

Doug's first stuffed toy, Mister Chicken, is on his last leg (the other leg was torn off a while ago) and is about to burst his stuffing.

This evening, I finally got around to making his replacement, using some old beeswaxed canvas a friend gave me and the stuffing and squeaker from a supposedly indestructible toy made of ballistic nylon that Doug destroyed within five minutes.

I also put the excess bit of the pheromone-releasing "calming collar" inside the duck -- not that the collar had any effect while it was around his neck.

The first salvage toy I made him, a black rectangle, was fashioned from black canvas, and it's survived a lot of play. So it seems actual fabric made of fibres, not plastic, is the way to go.

Enter... Mister Duck!!

Mister Duck - dog toy

We'll see how long he survives, but for now, he seems to be making Doug very happy.

Doug and Mister Duck, 1 Doug and Mister Duck, 2

PS: Well, that was short-lived. Doug and Mister Duck, soon to be ex-Mister-Duck

Mister Dead Duck

Now Mister Duck is Mister Whatever-the-F#@*-This-Looks-Like. Mister Whatever-the-Hell-This-Is

PPS: Mister Duck has successfully undergone a full head transplant. Mister Duck with a new head

Mid-Summer Catch-Up

diary comic, 21 July

Canada's 150th came and went, and -- considering what a fan of Expo 67 I am -- it was kind of a non-event. I didn't even have anything commemorative to wear, so I hastily made a T-shirt with Sharpie markers -- which then bled horribly when I spilled maple syrup all over myself and tried to wash the shirt. But hey, that's thematically appropriate, too, eh?

Canada Day T-shirt

What did make the day special was having all my family there, which my nephew caught on film.

MacDonald Family

We also did some sightseeing with the family -- trying to pack in summer PEI stuff, since this is such a special place and it feels like we paid for it in wintertime.

Point Prim lighthouse

Sorry you're having to see Doug's butt there, but he moves so fast that it's difficult to capture him on film at all.

And, yes, Craig, Doug, and I completed our dog training class together. Now Doug can sit on command. Sometimes. Which is pretty much what he could do before, but it really feels like we're finding our way together. He's sweet company, often funny, and now a permanent member of our family.

Getting our dog training certificate

Summer Reunion

enter image description here