Finishing the 2016-2017 Sketchbook

I was in Toronto this week for work, and I stole some time away one evening to write and draw in my sketchbook.

sketchdiary 1

sketchdiary 2

sketchdiary 3

sketchdiary 4

sketchdiary 5

sketchdiary 6

I returned on Thursday, and managed to make it to Comics Club, where I cracked open the new sketchbook I'd made.

I picked a random Shakespeare-style phrase and had to make a four-panel comic from it. I figured I'd use the exercise as a chance to practice drawing the same character multiple times -- and try to have him look like the same person!

Comics Club 1

Finally, the banter gets pretty salty at Comics Club, and in this instance I think I was working from the phrase "barbequed penis".

Comics Club 2