Mister Duck

Doug's first stuffed toy, Mister Chicken, is on his last leg (the other leg was torn off a while ago) and is about to burst his stuffing.

This evening, I finally got around to making his replacement, using some old beeswaxed canvas a friend gave me and the stuffing and squeaker from a supposedly indestructible toy made of ballistic nylon that Doug destroyed within five minutes.

I also put the excess bit of the pheromone-releasing "calming collar" inside the duck -- not that the collar had any effect while it was around his neck.

The first salvage toy I made him, a black rectangle, was fashioned from black canvas, and it's survived a lot of play. So it seems actual fabric made of fibres, not plastic, is the way to go.

Enter... Mister Duck!!

Mister Duck - dog toy

We'll see how long he survives, but for now, he seems to be making Doug very happy.

Doug and Mister Duck, 1 Doug and Mister Duck, 2

PS: Well, that was short-lived. Doug and Mister Duck, soon to be ex-Mister-Duck

Mister Dead Duck

Now Mister Duck is Mister Whatever-the-F#@*-This-Looks-Like. Mister Whatever-the-Hell-This-Is

PPS: Mister Duck has successfully undergone a full head transplant. Mister Duck with a new head