Sketchbook Stuff

I can't express how much I love going to Comics Club every Thursday night. I love the crazy banter, the generous sharing of resources and help, and the really diverse talent among the group.

Lately we've been starting off with an exercise in which we pick a random phrase on a slip of paper, then draw a four-panel comic based on it in just half an hour.

I love my work-work, but I find this exercise such a good challenge -- and really liberating, too, because the result doesn't matter. There's room to be goofy, weird, or rude.

(After the exercise, we get on with whatever personal projects we're working on, chatting all the while -- which you can do while drawing. I couldn't do that when I was writing copy!)

Here are my random comix from the last two weeks:

comic: sea captain and teacher

comic: helicopters landing comic: villain scheming

And this was just me purging something that had been in my head: comic: Popeye kills Bluto

And today, this -- following my gut instinct that I need to start writing more about stuff that happens instead of constantly barfing out my feelings in comic form.

comic: I am an ape