This series of free podcast tutorials teaches you everything I know about writing a novel and becoming your own publishing house. I call it “DIY Book”. It's just one out of an infinite number of methods for achieving “do it yourself publishing”, but it's worked consistently for me. You can take your chances with this:

(Thanks, David Hewson .)

Or you can go about it this way:

Here’s what I’m proposing:

Write your story.

Make your own books.

Find your readers.

Make your books available to them.

Become a ‘zine novelist. Forget the nonsense about becoming a rich and famous celebrity. Forget about contests and meat-grinder submissions and the industry’s awful advice to reverse-engineer putrid bestsellers. Keep your day job, keep your soul, cut out the middlemen and do you own thing! This series is FREE. It’s not a “super-secret industry report” or a teaser to entice you to buy something else, and I’m not selling or representing Print-on-Demand services; I’m actually going to teach you how to make books yourself at home. Sure, feel free to buy my novels, but, honestly, this series is just me giving back what I’ve learned because I want to see more people realise and exercise their creative freedom. You don’t need anyone’s permission! So let’s get started…