E-books & imposition

In this episode, you'll learn how to create an e-book from your manuscript, and how to use software to do the "imposition" of your book's pages so they can be printed out, folded, and stacked into a book.

EDIT: After creating this episode, I started producing my e-books using the program Scrivener , which is available for Macs and Windows PCs.

Sigil - multi-platform WYSIWYG ePub e-book editor (free; PC, Mac, Linux)

2ePub - free online ePub converter (free, web-based)

Jutoh - WYSIWYG, cross-platform (paid; PC, Mac, Linux)

eCub - freeware ePub creation software (free; Mac)

Scrivener's main purpose is to organise all the files associated with a writing project, from research to outlining to writing your manuscript. And now it outputs e-books — more easily and with more control than any of the other tools I've tried.

My second choice for e-book authoring is Jutoh , and there's also a freeware e-book creation program called Sigil .

MobiPocket Creator - e-book creation software (free; PC)

Smashwords - (free) online e-book sales portal with their own online "meat grinder" Word-to-eBook converter (which is as brutal as it sounds, and can make a real mess of your manuscript's formatting)

Scribd - "A digital documents library that allows users to publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents in various languages."


The following two programs help you organise all your research, character notes, outlines, etc and build e-books as well:

Scrivener (paid; Mac, PC)

Storyist (paid; Mac)