How to make a hardcover book

In this episode, you'll learn how to create an e-book from your manuscript, and how to use software to do the "imposition" of your book's pages so they can be printed out, folded, and stacked into a book.

Folding shortcut: Note: In this video, I use a mail-room machine to fold my pages, but it wasn't designed for handling A5 pages, and ultimately proved to be unreliable. There's nothing worse than having a page half-way through your manuscript get skewed or completely mangled!

In the end, I went back to folding them by hand with the help of a "scoring board" (or "creasing board"). I'm using an upscale plastic one these days to make boxes and book cases, as well as to fold the pages of my books, but in this video you'll see the first one I used — basically just a board of MDF “wood” with some slices cut into it that helps you make an even fold quickly in several sheets at once:


The lying press and plough didn't work out for me, as the blade got dull on the hot-glue I was using at the time for my paperback spines. Ultimately, I invested in a big guillotine.

Printed guide:

Quick’n’Dirty Bookbinding (A4)

Quick’n’Dirty Bookbinding (Letter)

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