Life on Vega

Life on Vega is my comic about vegan food truck owner Gus and his friends trying to save the world and stuff.

You can read the comic here on my site or buy a physical copy of the comic book in my shop.

Strategic Coach

Every 90 days, entrepreneurial coaching company Strategic Coach publishes a new book in its Ambition Series -- based on concepts from the company’s co-founder, Dan Sullivan, and illustrated by yours truly.

Together, Dan and I come up with cartoon summaries for each chapter in these books. It’s really fun work, and we've done more than twenty so far! I feel very fortunate to have found a company so genuinely dedicated to helping people do what they love for a living.

Here's a slideshow of this work.


I regularly draw diary comics in sketchbooks that I make by hand. Click a sketchbook to open a PDF of that book…