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Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I made a Scottish-themed Thanksgiving dinner for Craig and Mom, and — thankfully! — they both really enjoyed it.

We had:

  • a cocktail called an Algonquin, made by Craig
  • root vegetable soup from the farmers’ market, with oatcakes
  • haggis with dried cranberries and a whisky cream sauce
  • tatties (potato croquettes)
  • turnip (I haven’t figured out how to make turnip any fancier without making it weird and wrecking it, so that was just with olive oil and pepper)
  • steamed kale with garlic and not-butter
  • for dessert, cranachan — Silk brand whipped cream with layers of raspberries muddled with maple syrup and oats sprinkled on top

Several of these recipes came from a zine called Well Tidy Scran from Microcosm Publishing.

I’m a lousy photographer, full-stop, but it gets worse when there’s food involved, but here’s the visual record anyway:

Thanksgiving for the win!

I am not doing another dinner for everybody again on Monday!

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